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DRI tv 

In this episode of DRI tv, Benno Schmidt reports on the Diabetes Research Institute's new Phase I/II clinical trial that will test the omentum, the inside lining of the abdomen, as a potential site in the body for a DRI BioHub. DRI scientists will transplant insulin-producing islet cells within a biodegradable scaffold, one of the platforms initially considered for a BioHub. 

The DRI's preliminary findings have shown that islets in the omentum can survive and function long term. Now this encouraging research is moving to patients with type 1 diabetes. 

Watch DRI tv and learn about the latest progress on the DRI BioHub and other updates that will bring us closer to a cure for diabetes.

DRI tv is hosted by Benno Schmidt, an award-winning and well-known television journalist and producer who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1990. Benno is also the host of dLife television and his work has appeared on Sunday Morning, The Early Show, NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, MSNBC, CNN and many other news outlets.

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Have questions? Read the Pilot Trial FAQ.

Islet Transplant Application Form

If you are interested in applying for this pilot trial and future clinical trials, you can download the Islet Transplant Application form here

The DRI BioHub mini organ mimics the native pancreas
Learn more about the development of the BioHub mini organ to restore natural insulin production in those living with diabetes.
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