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Tips for Managing Diabetes

Managing diabetes is a challenge every day. There are so many variables to keep in mind --  food, exercise, stress, general health, etc. -- that keeping blood sugar levels in the desired range is a constant balancing act.

We want to make managing diabetes easier. So, we've developed short brochures about the topics listed below -- offering useful tips on many of the day-to-day issues facing people living with diabetes. And, most of the materials are offered in English and Spanish.

If you can benefit by learning about one or more of these subjects, just click on the title.

Kellie's Top Tips

Carb Counting

Caring for Older People with Diabetes

Checking Blood Sugar

Diabetes at School

Exercise and Diabetes

Explaining Diabetes to Kids

Facts about Fat

Insulin Therapy

Keeping Your Heart Healthy

Low Blood Sugar

Meal Planning 

Preventing Diabetes Complications

Preventing Type 2 Diabetes 

Setting Goals 

Sick Days


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