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The Diabetes Research Institute is leading the world to a cure for diabetes. If you'd like to learn how, and see the impact the DRI is having on patients' lives, check out one of the videos below or view our YouTube channel.

We have several other diabetes videos to view. If you're interested in understanding the science a little more, watch the video that answers the question, "How are Islet Cells Isolated?" It shows you how DRI scientists harvest the insulin-producing islet cells from the donor pancreas and prepare the cells for transplantation.

Diabetes Videos

DRI YouTube Channel  

DRI BioHub video

Ron Darling Public Service Announcement   
How Islet Cells Are Isolated

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Downloadable Images and Captions for Clinical Trial Testing Omentum

Outline w/captions_pdf  Currently islet cells are implanted in the liver, but it is not an ideal home.  The DRI is testing an alternative site called the omentum.  DRI scientists will place islets within a biodegradable scaffold.   The omentum will be folded to create a protective pouch to house the insulin-producing cells.  The DRI also plans to test a silicone scaffold as a BioHub platform. 

Downloadable Islet Cell Isolation and Intra-Hepatic (Liver) Transplant Images


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