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Midhat Abdulreda, M.S., Ph.D.

Midhat H. Abdulreda is Assistant Professor at the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI) and the Department of Surgery.  His multidisciplinary scientific training spans biology, immunology, physiology, and biophysics.  Since joining the DRI in late 2007, Dr. Abdulreda’s research has focused on the immunobiology of type 1 diabetes and islet transplantation.  He has been a rising star at the DRI as a National Health Institute (NIH)-funded fellow through the prestigious National Research Service Award (NRSA) and a Career Development (K) Award from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK).

He initially joined the Cell Biology and Signal Transduction lab, headed by Professor Per-Olof Berggren, where the “living window” model was developed to study islet biology in the living animal.  Since then, Dr. Abdulreda has developed the “living window” model to study immune responses during diabetes development or rejection of transplanted pancreatic islets. More recently, Dr. Abdulreda is also investigating immune tolerance induction via intraocular transplantation to achieve long-term survival and function of transplanted islets without immunosuppression.  In addition, Dr. Abdulreda, in collaboration with professor Berggren and other scientists at the DRI and the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, is exploring islet transplantation into the anterior chamber of the eye for potential clinical application site in the treatment of type 1 diabetes.

Midhat Abdulreda, Ph.D.



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