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Support for Parents

Get Support, Find Others Like You in our PEP Squad

Whether your family is new to diabetes or you’re just entering a different season of life with diabetes, you'll find others dealing with the same issues as you in our PEP Squad (Parents Empowering Parents)
Our PEP Squad group on Facebook is a place where diabetes parents can connect with one another, share stories and struggles, complain, vent, or mentor and shed new light. Someone is there, at any time of day – even in the wee hours after that 3 a.m. BG check.

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“The power of having a vehicle – other parents with skills – as sounding boards to decipher what is going on improves the way we and the people we listen to handle the repetitive challenges of diabetes,” said DRI’s Wendy Satin Rapaport, Psy.D., a clinical psychologist who helped create the program in 2006. “Sometimes by helping someone else, we can better see how our own responses might require some updating. The process of venting, sharing strategies, and then mentoring is a gift that keeps giving.”

Some of the topics discussed include insurance issues, nighttime testing, travel tips, facing fears, holiday hints, bragging rights (about the brave kids!), tools, teens and tantrums. Whatever the issue may be, there are usually comments or suggestions. However, please remember that everyone is different, and you should check with your health care professionals before making any changes to your child's medical regimen that has already been discussed with your doctor.

The DRI Foundation takes the opinions of this group seriously and made the group "closed," which responded to members' concerns. Now, only members are able to read posts. 

Our PEP Squad group has become an ever-expanding circle of parents who find comfort in “talking” to each other. Here's some feedback:

Krystal: I have "liked" this page for quite a while now...but when you decided to make it a closed group, I set it to notify my newsfeed every time there is a PEP guys are precious and so encouraging. So even after 6 years of living with a type 1 son....thank you so much for being there! And I hope to be there for you too. :)

Cheryl: I was looking for a place where I could talk. My daughter, now 17 months old, was diagnosed with type 1 at 10 months old, and there are a lot of times when I feel alone!!!!

Caralynne: I have found this group to be so helpful and supportive!

Shantelle: This group is just a bunch of fabulous people. We all share the same common enemy. People in this group truly understand what you’re going through.

Jamie: I'm sorry you have to be here, but please know you’re surrounded by a bunch of wonderful parents who totally get it. Ask anything, or just vent, anytime. We are all in this together.

One mom wrote, “I've looked high and low for local support groups and have had no luck. I would love to find another type 1 child for my son to connect with locally. Not sure if anyone would feel comfortable posting their city/state but it may be a good way to find other type 1 families close to you.” Almost instantly, she received dozens of responses, and other parents were able to find connections, too.

A physical support group may not always be possible, and since time is a scarce commodity with families today, online support groups such as the PEP Squad are an invaluable resource. Sometimes all you need is to know you’re not alone. Often all it takes it is one word, and this one sums up the PEP Squad most accurately…

Lea Anne: Hugs.

PEP Squad; Parents Empowering Parents


Angry with diabetes? Get support for parents with a child with diabetes through our PEP Squad

Celebrate Mom with A Gift of Love...A Gift of Hope for a diabetes cure.

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