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PEP Talk

Kellie's Top Tips: CGM Devices
Thinking about getting a continuous glucose monitoring device for your child?  Kellie's Top Tips will help you make an informed decision.
>> Read about CGMs
  This is the Dexcom G4 CGM.
There are four CGM devices on the market in the US.
Taking D-Management to a New Level
PEP Squad Leader Lynette Miller talks about the learning curve for new devices.  Her advice? Keep an open mind and addresses common concerns.
>> Read more tech talk

Which insulin pump do you use?
Techonology can enhance your life and D-management.

Welcome to The Club
PEP Squad member Dru-Ann Sgarlato shared her personal and heartfelt D-story on our Facebook group page.  It received so many responses, we asked her if we could share it here, too.  (Disclaimer: Have tissues on hand!)
>> Read more
Have you ever felt like this?
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How can I help?
So many parents ask us how they can get involved and help.  One A-mazing D-mom, Lisa Treese, started a walkathon in her Altoona, PA, neighborhood that has raised tens of thousands of dollars!

Other families are joining us at the upcoming Walk with Walgreens in South Florida.  Start your own walkathon and raise money for the DRI.  It's easier than you think.
>> Learn more about the Blair County Walk
>> Join us at the Walk with Walgreens
>> Create your own fundraiser

Everyone loves a walkathon!


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