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PEP Talk

  July 2012
The Other Diabetes Emergency

Most parents are always on the lookout for a low blood sugar, but the other diabetes emergency that you might not think of as frequently is DKA - Diabetes Ketoacidosis.

The DRI's Kellie Rodriguez and PEP Squad's family therapist Ilene Vinikoor offer insights on the topic.


>> Read Kellie's 6 Tips for prevention
>> Read Ilene's personal story
>> Refresh on the symptoms


Kellie says: Don't exercise if ketones are present!

9 Tips for Being a Good Patient

How are you at navigating through your child's doctor appointments? 

With a little more preparation, you'll find that the payoff is priceless.  


>> Read 9 pointers to be a good patient


Get the most out of your child's next doctor visit!

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Sharing Diabetes

Jennifer Yedo's eldest daughter Stephanie was diagnosed with type 1 when she was 4.  This year, Jen was too.

Read about the "surreal" role reversal, and how the family still found a new normal.

>> Read the Yedo family's story

PEP Squad leader Jen Yedo and her family.


Name Sam Billetdeaux's Elephant


Help Name Sam's Elephant, enter to win a stay at Disney World and raise funds for a cure. 

If you were at the CWD Friends for Life Conference last week, perhaps you already met this colorful elephant.  If not, you can follow his journey to NY this week.  That's right...he'll be blogging as he travels up the east coast!

>> Read about Sam's Elephant and his zany journey

I'm Sam Billetdeaux's Elephant! Please give me a name.
Can you offer up the perfect name?



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