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Back-to-School with Diabetes

Education is key to managing diabetes at school!
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Hollywood, FL  (September 2009) - School can be difficult for any child, but adding diabetes to the picture can make it even harder. 

Understandably, many parents are fearful about leaving their child in the care of anyone but a trained professional who can immediately respond to a diabetes-related crisis.

Even though managing diabetes in a child at school can be a challenge, it is possible.  Success begins with education. 

Arm yourself with the fact sheets below.  You can also order copies of our free eight-page brochure, "Facts About Diabetes: A Guide for School Personnel and Child Care Providers," which features need-to-know information about the disease and how it is controlled, plus clear instructions on how to handle emergency situations, such as an insulin reaction. 

The guide should be distributed to all school personnel that oversees your child at any time, including the principal, assistant principal, all classroom and enrichment teachers, aides, lunchroom attendants and bus driver.


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