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Diabetes Management Classes: Type 1

Managing type 1 diabetes effectively requires a plan that's best for you, including insulin therapy, exercise, carbohydrate counting, checking blood sugar levels, and emotional support.

You can learn more and achieve good control by attending one of the following type 1 diabetes classes:

Mastering Your Diabetes 
An intensive four-day course designed to teach self-management skills to insulin-dependent participants.

A Trip to the Supermarket 
This diabetes education class is offered in both English and Spanish. Come join us for “A Trip to the Supermarket!” During this 2 hour interactive diabetes education program, we will show you how to shop wisely and make healthy food choices at the grocery store using the basic principles of nutrition. 
Basal Bolus Insulin Therapy and Carbohydrate Counting 
This diabetes education class is designed to introduce patients to Basal Bolus Insulin Therapy. Carbohydrate counting is also covered.  

Basal/Bolus Terapia de Insulina y Cuenta de Carbohidratos
Esta clase esta diseñada para presentar al paciente la terapia de insulina, Basal - Bolus y a la vez ayudar al paciente a mejorar su conocimiento y destrezas relacionadas con la nutrición.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring  
Learn about the newest way to monitor your glucose level. This three-part diabetes education program will teach you about the different new devices -- and how to use them.

Diabetes Made Simple 
Have you ever wondered what causes diabetes? How insulin really works? What happens to blood sugars when you exercise?  All these questions and more are answered in our comprehensive diabetes education class.

Domine La Diabetes 
Esta clase le ayudará a comprender de la manera más simple, los conceptos y herramientas que usted necesita para controlar su diabetes exitosamente.

Insulin Pump Therapy
This program is presented in a series, beginning with an introduction for new pump users and continuing through a course for more advanced pumpers. These diabetes education classes are designed to help participants move from a world of multiple injections to the insulin pump.



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