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Checking Blood Sugar

Many people are frightened to check their blood sugar -- or "blood glucose" -- levels because they do not want to see levels that are higher or lower than their target range.

But, checking blood sugar at home, in school, and in the workplace is key to managing diabetes. It puts you in control of your diabetes.

Remember, your blood sugar levels remain the same whether you know about them or not.

Checking blood sugar levels is the most accurate way to see if your lifestyle changes and medications are helping you to better manage your diabetes. If levels are above or below your target range, blood glucose monitoring provides you with the ability to identify what is causing the problem and to correct it.

To learn the basics about checking blood sugar, read the DRI's brochure "Blood Glucose Monitoring" in English or "El Monitoreo de la Glucosa Sanguínea" in Spanish.

Cover of the Diabetes Research Institute's brochure, "Blood Glucose Monitoring," which provides tips on checking blood sugar levels.

Read the brochure "Blood Glucose Monitoring" in English | "El Monitoreo de la Glucosa Sanguínea" in Spanish

  • Do you want to learn about the newest way to monitor blood sugar? Read about the course offered by the Diabetes Research Institute: "Continuous Glucose Monitoring".

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