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The Molly and Lindsey Invitational

September 26, 2011

The Molly and Lindsey Invitational took place at White Beeches Golf and Country Club in Haworth, NJ, on September 26. Honorees Molly Minicucci Phillips and Lindsey Inserra were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 9 and 11 respectively. Their families have shared friendship and support for more than a decade now – and the fortitude of their bond was evident throughout the event. Their alliance, The Molly and Lindsey Foundation for Diabetes Research, benefits Hackensack University Medical Center in conjunction with the DRI. The pleasant day on the course was followed by an Italian dinner.

This event was sponsored by The MOLLY and LINDSEY Diabetes Research Foundation, The MOLLY Center for Children with Diabetes and Endocrine disorders and the MOLLY Diabetes Center for Adults in conjunction with Hackensack University Medical Center and the Diabetes Research Institute.

Two wonderful families.  Two prestigious institutions.  One common goal.  Put them all together, and you get the Hackensack-Miami Diabetes Research Institute Federation. The Minicucci and Inserra families of New Jersey each have a beautiful daughter with type 1 diabetes, Molly Minicucci Phillips and Lindsey Inserra.  The families, through their joint foundation, The MOLLY and LINDSEY Diabetes Research Foundation at Hackensack University Medical Center (HUMC) have teamed up with the University of Miami’s Diabetes Research Institute (DRI) to create the Hackensack-Miami DRI Federation Project.  The project is headed by the DRI’s Scientific Director, Dr. Camillo Ricordi, and HUMC’s Chief of Organ Transplantation, Dr. Michael Shapiro.  The Project’s goal is to develop and rapidly apply the most promising research to treat and cure those now living with type 1 diabetes.  This fast-track approach, known as “from the bench to the bedside,” increases the rate of progress by which therapeutic solutions (developed at the DRI) can be safely and effectively brought to those with type 1 diabetes (through clinical trials at HUMC.) 

For families like the Minicuccis and the Inserras, these therapies cannot come fast enough.  Nick Miniccuci and his wife, Susan, made a pledge more than two decades ago when they were told their 9-year-old daughter Molly had diabetes.  Said Nick, “I vowed to do everything in my power to find a cure.  That was a promise I intend to keep.”  It was no different for Bonnie Inserra and Larry Inserra.  “When Lindsey was diagnosed at the age of 11, we searched the world for a place that focused on curing the disease - not simply on learning to live with it - and found the DRI,” said Bonnie.  “There’s nobody like them worldwide. The DRI team doesn’t keep research to themselves; they are experts who believe in worldwide collaborative science.  I want to see diabetes cured.” Thanks to the collaborative efforts of these wonderful families, these distinguished institutions, and many dedicated scientists and researchers, progress toward a cure is being made.

Please see below for event photos. 

(l-r) Dr. Michael Shapiro HUMC, Molly Minicucci Phillips, Robert C. Garrett President and CEO HUMC, Susan Minicucci, Nicholas Minicucci, Jr., Bonnie Inserra, Lawrence Inserra III, Lawrence Inserra, Jr., Gary Kleiman DRI, Lindsey Inserra, Hackensack University Medical Center Senior Vice President,
Robert L. Torre

(l-r) Lawrence Inserra, Jr., Bonnie Inserra, Lawrence Inserra,III, Nick Saros

(l-r) Mike Minnicucci, Trae Minicucci, Bonnie Inserra, Matt Minicucci, Lindsey Inserra

(l-r) Carl Inserra, Carl Padovano, Lawrence Inserra III

Terry Sellarole, Bonnie Inserra

(l-r) John Hughes, Lindsey Inserra, Diabetes Research Institute Executive Director of Medical Development Gary Kleiman, Aimee Siegel-Harris



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