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PEP Talk - August, 2010

       August, 2010
Eating Disorders and Your Teenager
People with diabetes need to have an unusual focus on food. Blend in the myriad of pressures presented by diabetes and adolescence. Top it off with our society’s unnatural obsession with weight, dieting and body image. It’s a recipe that could end in disaster, but it doesn’t have to!

Clinical psychologist Dr. Wendy Satin Rapaport explains the different types of eating disorders including insulin manipulation and talks about prevention strategies.
>> Read an excerpt from Dr. Rapaport’s book 
>> Watch a video message from Dr. Rapaport 

Do You Test for Ketones?
As we learned in a recent PEP Talk discussion on Facebook, the topic of ketones is very concerning for parents and all people with diabetes.

DRI’s Director of Patient Education Kellie Rodriguez explains when and how you should test for ketones and provides the details you need to know if ketones are present.
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Kellie Rodriguez, MSN, CDE, CPT

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Join the PEP Talk
All kids with diabetes have said it (or shouted it) at one time or another, “I hate diabetes!” But what do you as the parent say?

We posed this question to our group members on Facebook. They had some very creative answers that just might give you a new idea of how to handle this situation.
>> Read the PEP Talk on this topic 
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What Did You Do This Summer?
How will your child answer this question when he/she returns to school this fall? Make summer matter. Be the Hero.

Join the Diabetes Diplomats and organize a fundraising project for the DRI. It’s fun. It’s easy. And it will give your child a great sense of pride. Small or large – the amount isn’t what counts. “Just don’t do nothing.”
>> Learn more about the Diabetes Diplomats 

American Idol finalist Kevin Covais is a Diabetes Diplomat.

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