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  January 2012
PEP Talk in Person

If you live in South Florida, please join us on Saturday, January 21 for a PEP Talk Mini Conference featuring the experts you've read about in this newsletter, plus other parents just like you. 

Kids are welcome and will be able to participate in role playing activities.


>> More info
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DRI's Dr. Wendy Satin Rapaport will lead the discussions.  She is pictured here at the last event with Jake Green, who enjoyed the teen round table.

Oh Baby!  Infants & Toddlers

A diabetes diagnosis brings so many questions, but when that child is under the age of 3, there are some particularly challenging hurdles. 

Read what the DRI's Kellie Rodriguez has to say on the topic and see advice from our members on Facebook.  


>> Read the Facebook discussion
>> See Kellie's Top 15 Tips
>> Read: Kellie comments on "When a Child is Diagnosed"


Kellie says: Try heels rather than sensitive fingers for glucose checks on infants.

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Communication with your Teen

You can't scare a teenager into taking care of his/her diabetes.  It just doesn't work, says diabetes expert Betty Brackenridge.

So what does work?  See Betty's advice.

>> Read Betty's 5 Steps to Improved Communication

Betty says: Face the hard topics like sex, drugs, alcohol, and driving.


Family Emotions


A diabetes diagnosis affects the whole family...sure, we all know that.  But how do you address those emotional issues and find a "new normal" for everyone involved?

DRI's Dr. Wendy Satin Rapaport shares her thoughts on the topic.

>> Read Wendy's post about Feelings, Families and Diabetes

Wendy says: Psychological adjustments to diabetes can be more difficult than behavioral changes.



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