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Our Publications & eNews

We want to make it easy for you to stay informed about the latest in diabetes cure-focused research and fundraising efforts. So, we produce newsletters, diabetes educational materials, annual reports and other information listed below.  

DRIfocus Newsletter

Our DRIfocus newsletter keeps you informed on the latest in diabetes research, diabetes management, donor profiles and many other topics of interest.

DRIfocus: online eNewsletter

We also send out DRIfocus Online, a summary of our Focus newsletter plus new stories, to our DRInsiders. If you'd like to become a DRInsider, just sign up here. It's another easy way to stay in touch, and to be part of a great community of people working for a shared goal: a diabetes cure.

Under the Microscope eNewsletter

Do you want to stay on the inside track of the latest diabetes research news from the DRI? Our Under the Microscope e-newsletter reports on published findings in peer-reviewed journals, scientists' profiles, new studies, announcements and other happenings around the Diabetes Research Institute.

PEP Talk eNewsletter

Need a little PEP Talk?  Geared toward parents of children with diabetes, this eNewsletter addresses the emotional and psycho/social aspects of diabetes.  Hear from diabetes experts and other parents just like you who might have already dealt with the same issue you are facing now.

DRIFinancial Focus: online eNewsletter

DRIFinancial Focus: online covers estate planning tips to secure your own financial future as well as the DRI's. Each issue is helpful in organizing the aspects of your estate plan to address your needs, reflect your values, and provide for your loved ones and the causes that are meaningful to you - like the DRI.

Annual Reports

View our current annual report and reports from previous years.

Diabetes Educational Materials

What is Diabetes?
A Guide for School Personnel & Child Care Providers  
To request hard copies of either brochure, please e-mail us.

Selected Research Publications

Are you looking for more in-depth diabetes research information? The work of DRI scientists is continually published in leading medical journals. Review the selected studies posted on our site.



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