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Shop at your local South Florida Walgreens during March and support the DRI!

Scannables Sales

"What's a scannable," you say.  That's retail-speak for those fancy papers you can purchase at the register in the name of a charity.  You know the ones that you write your name on and then they're hung on the wall for all to see.

During March, the DRI is that very special charity that will benefit from all scannable sales at Walgreens locations from Port St. Lucie to Key West!

All month long, Walgreens cashiers will ask customers if they want to purchase a scannable in the amount of $1, $5 or $10.  A small amount to add-on to your purchase that adds up to a whole lot for the DRI!

Last year's initiative brought in tens of thousands of dollars and much-needed awareness for the DRI's cure-focused mission.  But we need your help!  The more scannables hung on the wall...the more customers notice and want to join the effort.

Also, don't forget to give a big THANK YOU to every Walgreens employee who asks you to participate.  It's not easy to ask this question over and over throughout their shifts...but they help raise money for a cure.  Please let them know how much YOU appreciate it.  And if, by chance, the cashier forgets to mention the scannables, feel free to ask.  It's possible they just need to bring more out from the back office.

We offer special thanks to last year's winner, Darleen Ryan, who sold more scannables than any other Walgreens cashier.  Who will win that honor this year??

Walk with Walgreens Family Fun Day & Health Fair

Join us on March 8, 2014 at the DRI Walk for Diabetes Presented by Walgreens.                                                                                

Get fit.  Get walking.  And help us get one step closer to a cure!  Learn more>

DRI Coin Canisters

Another way to make a contribution to the DRI during your Walgreens visit is to add your change to the collection canisters at the register.  Look for the cans marked, "Help Cure Diabetes Now," on the register countertops.  It takes change to make change, and you can make the difference. 





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