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2018 Press Releases & News

5 Top Tips for living postively with diabetes
May 2018 -- In February of 2018, family therapist Ilene Vinikoor marked her 50th year of living with type 1 diabetes. It hasn't been easy for her, but she always keeps a positive attitude. Her are a few tips from Ilene:



Presenters at the DRI's first PreDiRe T1D Symposium to prevent type 1 diabetes and its recurrenceDiabetes Research Institute Hosts First PreDiRe T1D Symposium to Focus on Preventing Type 1 Diabetes and its Recurrence
April 20, 2018 -- More than 100 researchers, clinicians, parents, patients, and representatives from major diabetes organizations came together in Miami to develop a consensus on a solution that is safe, efficacious and affordable. 


The Diabetes Research Institute Adds New DRI Federation Members to Help Accelerate Next Steps in Islet Transplantation
April 11, 2018 -- Two state-of-the-art diabetes facilities in Colombia, the District Institute of Science, Biotechnology and Health Innovation of the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá (IDCBIS) and the Fundación Valle del Lili, located in Cali, have recently joined the Diabetes Research Institute’s global alliance of cure-focused research centers, the DRI Federation.


Drs. Chris Fraker and Allison BayerThe New F-Word and its Diabetes Connection
March 13, 2018 -- For decades, scientists have been working to understand not only the cause of diabetes but why the disease is increasing at an alarming rate. Surprisingly, a possible answer may lie right inside your pantry.



Researchers Confirm Entire Islet "Organ" is the Master Regulator of Blood Glucose Levels
March 7, 2018 -- Scientists from the Diabetes Research Institute, the University of Miami, and the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have confirmed that pancreatic islets have the overall responsibility for maintaining normal blood glucose levels in the body.

DRI Scientists Identify Unique Pancreatic Stem Cells with the Potential to Regenerate Beta Cells that Respond to Glucose
February 27, 2018 -- The findings open the door to developing regenerative cell therapies for those living with type 1 diabetes, addressing a major challenge that stands in the way of developing a biological cure. 



DRIs Juan Dominguez-Bendala discusses cell supply breakthroughs. Tackling the Cell Supply Challenge Takes Center Stage in Spain as DRI's Dr. Juan Dominguez-Bendala Discusses Potential Breakthroughs
February 9, 2018 -- The DRI's reputation as a leader in translational research has reached across the Atlantic to several countries like Spain, where an ongoing program has given Dr. Juan Dominguez-Bendala an opportunity to share some exciting research progress.


Dr. Ricordi talks about the 2018 World Stem Cell SummitDRI Director Camillo Ricordi Presents at 2018 World Stem Cell Summit
January 23, 2018 -- Dr. Ricordi joins leading researchers participating in #WSCS18 that kicks off today in Miami. His presentations will cover strategies to streamline FDA approval for clinical trials, innovative stem cell initiatives and more. 



Izabel Goulart posted a video in support of the DRI on charitable giving app ElbiIzabel Goulart Shows "Love" for the DRI Through Charitable Giving App Elbi
January 22, 2018 -- Supermodel Izabel Goulart posted a video today on the newly relaunched Elbi app in support of her favorite cause, the Diabetes Research Institute. Goulart has been involved with the DRI since 2009 when she took on the role of International Ambassador for the organization.


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