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Nick Jonas Revisits Carnival in NYC; DRI's Ricordi Chairs International Transplant Congress    

by Diabetes Research Institute on Thursday, March 17, 2011 at 9:38am on T1 Diabetes Cure - Global Headquarters and Diabetes Research Institute Facebook pages.

Hi again and happy Thursday—and St. Patrick’s Day!

The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation had a very exciting weekend in New York City. Nick Jonas returned to Carnival for a Cure to tell the more than 1,000 attendees how diabetes hasn’t slowed him down. We just want to again thank Nick for attending our Carnival this past Sunday. Nick first announced he has type 1 at this same event 4 years ago and it was great to have him back as an outstanding role model.

We also want to thank our sponsor Bayer HealthCare for bringing him. You can hear Nick’s remarks to the enthusiastic crowd, plus see all the media coverage.

Also exciting on the research front, this fall, Miami will host the upcoming 2011 Congress of the Cell Transplant Society and International Xenotransplantation Association. Plus, the DRI’s scientific director, Dr. Camillo Ricordi, will chair the joint international conference that will bring together leading scientists from institutions around the world.  Presentations and discussions will focus on cell transplantation, stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine. Scientists are now submitting their research findings for committee review and the most important data will be selected for presentations.

We’re looking forward to hearing the latest in xenotransplantation:  the use of non-human cells–from pigs or other sources; the progress in stem cell research—both embryonic and adult. There’s been an explosion of research and new findings using stem cells to treat spinal cord injuries, diabetes and other disease and injuries. Also, researchers will present innovative approaches using nano-scale technology for cell encapsulation and other methods to improve therapies.

Tissue engineering and biomaterials will also be featured as novel strategies to protect transplanted cells. Many of these topics are described on our website in fairly general terms. We’ll be getting into more depth as the weeks go by – so stay tuned!

This link can give you access to the new congress site and will be updated as the fall approaches.

Next week, look for a published interview with Dr. Ricordi.




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