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DRI Scientists Swing into Summer Conference Season

by Diabetes Research Institute on Thursday, June 23, 2011 at 10:59am on T1 Diabetes Cure - Global Headquarters and Diabetes Research Institute Facebook pages.

Happy Thursday! It’s been a busy week at the DRI and Foundation and today we’d like to cover a few things.

Firstly, Julie, we were really thrilled to let our DRInsiders know about this community and were so glad that you were pleased about it. We want to thank those members of T1 Diabetes Cure - Global Headquarters who have signed up also!

Secondly, we also want to thank those who attended either of the two research updates we just held in San Francisco and Los Angeles and the gracious hosts who opened up their homes. If any T1DCGH members are interested in attending a research update should we be in your area, please send us a message. Of course you are more than welcome to visit the DRI in Miami, and if your travels bring you there please let us know.

Finally, the summer is in full swing – both hurricane season and scientific meetings. Following the International Pancreas and Islet Transplant Association (IPITA) meetings in Prague, our researchers continue their active schedules.

Dr. Alejandro Caicedo of our islet physiology team co-chaired and, along with colleagues Drs. Rayner Rodriguez and Midhat Abdulreda, participated at the NIH Workshop on “The interface between the nervous and immune systems in the pathogenesis of autoimmune diabetes”. The goal of this workshop was to address the role of the central and peripheral nervous system on the inflammatory process that leads to selective beta cell destruction in T1D and determine the effect of inflammation on neural control of islet cell function. The group will also present additional findings at the ADA Scientific Sessions this week on the signaling pathways involved in the release of  insulin and counter-regulatory hormones such as glucagon. The group’s work is published in the prestigious journal Nature Medicine and Cell Metabolism.

Also at the ADA meetings, several other DRI researchers will be presenting new findings in a range of areas including Dr. Norma Kenyon on co-transplanting mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) with islets as a way of enhancing engraftment and long term islet function.

Dr. Jay Sosenko will present a new Risk Factor Assessment tool to better predict the risk for the development of T1D- a calculation he developed.

Dr. Carmen Fotino will present the effects of hyperbaric oxygen on islet expansion and autoimmunity in early onset diabetes in experimental models. Other work includes reports on the use of anti-oxidants for improved cell replacement.

Dr. Jay Skyler is participating in an ADA press conference and a TCOYD (Taking Control of Your Diabetes) roundtable discussion.

Another meeting will be taking place in Washington, D.C. this week. Dr. Francesco Vendrame of our immunogenetics team will present at the Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies- FOCIS 2011. He will present the team’s latest findings characterizing a population of auto-reactive cells involved in beta cell destruction- at diabetes onset as well as its recurrence following organ transplantation.

We will be covering more about these research presentations in an upcoming issue of Under the Microscope so sign up now if you’re not a DRInsider yet using this link:



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