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Shari Messinger Cayetano, ME, Ph.D.

Dr. Shari Messinger is a Tenured Associate Professor in the Division of Biostatistics, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health of the Miller School of Medicine, and Director of Biostatistics Collaboration and Consulting Core.  She has previously served as Biostatistics Director for the Diabetes Research Institute and Director of Biostatistics for the University of Miami General Clinical Research Center, and eventually the School-supported Clinical Research Center. 

Dr. Messinger joined the faculty at the University of Miami in 2002, after earning her Doctorate in Biostatistics from the University of Michigan.  She additionally holds a Master’s degree from the University of Florida in Industrial and Systems Engineering specializing in Operations Research and Health Systems Engineering.

Her research has focused within two broadly defined areas of islet transplantation research. The first is in determining factors that are associated with improved islet viability and yield, resulting in transplantable islet preparations.  This work considers factors that are donor specific, or related to the isolation process.  Her collaborations accelerate the translation of these laboratory investigations into clinical practice of transplantation by identifying factors that are prognostic of eventual graft survival of the host.  The extension into clinical practice involves evaluating how different techniques used for the islet transplant procedure affect post-transplant clinical course in islet recipients. Dr. Messinger additionally collaborates in research investigations involving epidemiologic and intervention studies addressing primary and secondary prevention for persons at risk and living with HIV.   She has extensive knowledge and experience in application of appropriate statistical methodology for the analysis of clinical and translational investigations at every stage of research.  

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