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Daniel H. Mintz, M.D.

Daniel H. Mintz, M.D., serves as Scientific Director Emeritus of the Diabetes Research Institute. He is also a Voluntary Professor of Medicine at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine (Emeritus Status). He served as the DRI’s Scientific Director and Chief Academic Officer for twenty-five years.

Dr. Mintz has made major research contributions in several areas. Early in his career, he worked with pregnant monkeys with diabetes to develop a successful treatment of pregnant diabetic women, greatly reducing the risk of miscarriage and enhancing the chances of giving birth to healthy children.

These results helped set the standards for the much improved level of contemporary care of pregnant women with diabetes, including the utilization of home blood glucose monitors.

Dr. Mintz has also been a major contributor to research using islet cell transplantation as an intervention strategy to reverse insulin dependent diabetes mellitus in humans. This work entailed studies of whole pancreas, as well as isolated islet transplantation in larger mammals.

Dr. Mintz’s basic research contributions in these areas resulted in the establishment of an internationally recognized clinical trial to study the role of islet transplantation in reversing insulin dependent diabetes in patients.


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