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Insulin Pump Therapy

For those with type 2 diabetes who are on insulin.

If you’re tired of multiple injections – and want to see if there’s a better way – then Insulin Pump Therapy could be for you.

This course is design to help participants move from a world of multiple injections to the insulin pump.

It’s presented in a series, starting with an introduction for new insulin pump users.

Introduction to Insulin Pump Therapy

We offer a “hands on” approach to insulin pump therapy. See what pumps are available and how the use of one can help you gain better control of your diabetes. This introductory class is offered the second Tuesday of each month.

Our certified diabetes educators provide a fun way to learn how to control blood sugars with continuous insulin delivery and provide the latest in insulin pump management.  Family members/significant others are welcome to attend. 

After completing the Introduction class, if you and our certified diabetes educators decide insulin pump therapy is right for you, then you can continue on to Stages 1-3 and the Advanced class.

Please note: before taking Stages 1-3 and the Advanced class, you must first take the Introduction class.

Stage One (3 hours)

Learn how to:

  • Program and personalize the settings on the pump of your choice
  • Wear the pump for a trial period with “saline”        

Stage Two (8 hours)

Start insulin pump therapy and, throughout the day, learn how to:

  • Check basal rate 
  • Check carbohydrate ratio 
  • Check high blood glucose ratio (correction or sensitivity ratio)
  • How and when to us the temporary basal rate
  • Use of Bolus Wizard
  • Prevent “stacking” of insulin doses
  • Manage time off the pump (i.e. day at the beach)
  • Care for the site, do’s and don’ts and precautions
  • Recognize and handle various alarms
  • General troubleshooting and problem solving with Insulin Pump Therapy

Breakfast and lunch are provided and offer an opportunity to reinforce carbohydrate counting skills. 

Stage Three (follow-up: 3 hours)

  • Review your records with the group using transparencies 
  • Learn how blood sugar results, activity and food inter-relate 
  • Collaborate with educators in making changes to your insulin regimen    

Advanced Pump Class (3 hours)

This class is for those who have been wearing an insulin pump for a while but are not at optimum control, or who need an update on the use of the various advance pump functions:

  • Review how to check basal rate, carbohydrate ratio, high blood glucose ratio
  • Review the use of the different settings/programs available on your pump
  • Review latest technologies that may interface with your pump 
  • Review tubing/sets available for pump therapy    

Dr. Luigi Meneghini, Director of the Kosow Diabetes Treatment Center, who speaks about the value of Insulin Pump Therapy.
Luigi Meneghini, M.D., MBA, director of the Kosow Treatment Center, talks about Insulin Pump Therapy.

Do you want to take this class?
  • To register, call Dina at 305-243-3696 or send an email to

    Does insurance cover this?
  • Most diabetes education classes are covered by insurance carriers contracted with the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. To see if your insurance carrier covers this service, or for more information on billing, please call 305-243-3696.

    Need directions?
  • Get directions to the Diabetes Research Institute's Kosow Diabetes Treatment Center.

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