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Create Your Own Diabetes Fundraiser

Be the Hero! Become a Diabetes Diplomat


"How can I help?" We hear that question all the time.

We have the answer. Become a Diabetes Diplomat. Be the Hero!

Diabetes Diplomats are all ages, from all over the world. How can you become one?

By raising money to help the Diabetes Research Institute cure diabetes.

Get started right now>>'re not exactly sure what fundraising project you can do...?  Hmmm...

something you enjoy!  Ask your family, friends and neighbors to join you.  You might be surprised how willing they are to help -- if you just ask!

  • You can do something BIG, like organize a walk-a-thon in your school or community.
  • Or, keep it small: participate in a run or walk -- and ask people to sponsor you.
  • Make it personal, like a letter-writing campaign explaining how diabetes has touched your life.
  • If you're good at making things, sell them! (The "bake sale" is an old favorite.)
  • Organize a dance-a-thon or concert with local bands.
  • Put cannisters in stores in your neighborhood.
  • Use your imagination!  (Or use this list of additional ideas!)

So, be a part of the cure. Become a Diabetes Diplomat. Be the Hero!

And, please if you need assistance to get started -- or at any point along the way -- just send us an email. We have plenty of proven ideas, and we're happy to help.

You can also help a Diabetes Diplomat who already has a project underway. Just search for them on our Diabetes Diplomat website and lend your support!

Want to know what other Diplomats are doing?

  Several people have become part of Pump Wear Inc.'s “Wall of Change” >>Be Part of the Wall of Change

  A brother raises funds on behalf of his sister with diabetes via The End Zone: A Team of Siblings Dedicated to Tackling Diabetes.  Please "like" his Facebook page!

Check out the Diplomat pages on:


We love the Buchwald family!  Thanks for all that you do.


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