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We Believe...

 Join the Diabetes Diplomats and be part of the Reason to Believe campaign.    

We are looking for families and individuals across the country and around the world to become Diabetes Diplomats by organizing school or workplace fundraising and awareness programs as part of the campaign.  

>> Join us!  Then send in your photo with your Reason to Believe.

The Diabetes Research Institute was created for one reason - to cure diabetes - which is and will continue to be its singular focus until the goal is reached.  We have Reason to Believe in a cure for diabetes...what's yours?

We Believe...

The Su-Nobrega Family
School site event:  November 18th

"Our reason to believe in a cure for diabetes is to see our happy, healthy and very-mischievous Nicolas become even happier, healthier and INSULIN-INDEPENDENT.  Our wish, of course, extends to curing all those young, brave boys and girls who depend on insulin every day. The DRI will make it happen!"

--  Ximena Su-Nobrega


The Stewart Family
School site event:  Assembly and Fundraiser
Punta Gorda, FL

"We believe that Jake is who he is DESPITE diabetes not BECAUSE of it.
A cure for us means that no more families would have to go through the process of diagnosis and the difficulty of treating this disease.  We believe in, and they deserve a cure."

-- Jim and Tracy Stewart


The Treese Family
Event : TBD
Duncansville, PA

"My reason to believe is that some day I will tell Zachary that - he used to have diabetes - and that the DRI did everything possible to make that happen!"

-- Lisa Treese


The Cooper Family
Pump it Up, January 17th, 2012
Elkton, MD

"I have a Reason 2 Believe in a cure and that reason is that our daughter's life depends on a cure for diabetes...with a cure for diabetes our daughter will be able to take off her pump and never need insulin again...but right now if we took off her pump and never put it back on she would not be here...Lily needs insulin to live! A Reason 2 Believe that the Diabetes Research Institute will find a cure is real to me! I am a believer." 

-- Wendy Cooper


































Note: By submitting your picture for the Diabetes Diplomats/Reason to Believe campaign, you are giving the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation permission to use the image in marketing and promotional materials, including newsletters, Facebook, and other online marketing efforts to help build awareness for the campaign.


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